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August, 22, 2016. 07:58 AM
Digitally Disrupting Fortune Telling Business
June, 6, 2016. 04:55 AM
Five Lessons on Product Management from Elon Musk
May, 15, 2016. 12:14 PM
Product Training Ideas from the Sales Field
May, 3, 2016. 05:10 AM
What's Next ? - The Olympian's Success Paradox

"How many of you follow Olympics ?" I asked, Two hands raised in an audience of ~70; To seek a better response, I continued "Any sport at world arena ?", few more hands went up; I further probed the audience "So what happens after the pinnacle in that sport is achieved by the the individual or the team ?". I paused, after a silence of few minutes; I said, "Many Olympians, star achievers go into depression.. Do you kno ...

March, 3, 2016. 13:42 PM
Why Fear Spreads Faster than Facts?
March, 1, 2016. 04:20 AM
Product Management Expert Series 02: Product Owner and/or Product Manager – Don’t Debate the Wrong Issue

Recently I was called into a mid-size software organization – and got right in the middle of a heated debate that had obviously been going on for some time. Development wanted to move to a Scrum-like agile model, and put pressure on the established Software Product Management (SPM) department to change their name to Product Owner which SPM refused vehemen ...

February, 28, 2016. 08:47 AM
Product Management Expert Series 01: New Tools for SPM Can Make Life Easier
February, 12, 2016. 12:00 PM
Unchaining from the pangs of Services Mindset
January, 25, 2016. 02:50 AM
Product Manager Batting on a Foreign Pitch?
January, 22, 2016. 09:07 AM
Are you part of a professional community yet?
January, 19, 2016. 12:53 PM
Sell Your Product with One Sentence
January, 18, 2016. 09:14 AM
DIY Practice for a Stress Free Day Job – Dump “Work-life Balance”
December, 23, 2015. 03:13 AM
The Art of Practicing Critical Thinking
December, 10, 2015. 17:23 PM
Trends re-shaping Product Marketing
December, 7, 2015. 05:34 AM
Rain, Starbucks and Branding
November, 18, 2015. 09:13 AM
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